" ...would definately recommend ... "Red Apple, Red Berry and Orange Harlequin" - it will be a best seller

Maureen Aitken, Scottish Borders


"Using the Goats Milk soap at the moment for sensitive skin and it's absolutely fabulous. My hands seem to have got so sensitive these days and there's certain soaps I can't use without coming out in a rash. Even in this cold weather normally they're really dry but with your soap they've been feeling soft and not drying out so much"

Karen Davidson, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

"Using the soaps myself I would recommend them , they leave your skin feeling lovely and soft and dont dry it out !! , my son has a sensitive skin and has a bit of eczema , which when he washes with soaps or indeed shower gels makes his skin dry and irritated - he started using the goats milk soap and no irritation....he's clean no itch - perfect and because it has no scent " he doesn't smell like a girl "    more of the same please Mesmerick !!!!!Quotes
Lynn Gray from Duns, Berwickshire, SCOTLAND


Lemon, Lime and Orange Harlequin:
nice colour, nice smell, good lather, held it's shape well. Using as bath soap and lasts well.

Citrus Blast with Pumice:

nice colour, nice smell, good lather, holds it's shape well. Liked the pumice, its good after gardening

Goats milk soap:
good soap for sensitive skin, good lather, held it's shape, used as hand soap and after several weeks we are just at end of it now so lasted a long time. It certainly didn't dry out the skin on your hands.

I like the fact your soaps don't do soggy and mushy after using and sitting on the sink or bath. No problem with any dry skin which you get from some soaps. They all do seem to last a long time.

Mrs Frances Steele, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND


I am still enjoying my soaps - they all look and smell so good - particularly liked the green organic scrub

Mr John Linnell, Weybridge, Surrey, ENGLAND



...."both of us agreed that it was lovely. I would go further. I think it is the nicest cake soap I have ever used! 

It leaves the skin soft and comfortable which is not a characteristic I have noted with cake soaps in general with my irritable epidermis. Quite superb."
Supplied by Mrs C E Watt, Ratho, near Edinburgh

"I have been using Mesmerick's Goat's Milk soap for several months now and am totally 
delighted with the effect it has had on the psoriasis that I have on my legs and back. 
It no longer itches and the only other thing I use on it is Vitamin E capsules opened up once each day. 
Before I used this soap, even with the Vit. E is would itch terribly and flake something awful!! 
I went through an entire large tube of Eucerin Calming cream monthly. 
I no longer use it. I do not have to! 
I have tried Goat's Milk soaps in the US from many sources in the past and some actually 
made me itch more. NOT so with Mesmerick' is amazing and I love that it has no irritating 
fragrances! This is well worth ordering from Scotland for anyone with skin issues! 
Try will be so happy that you did!" 
 Victoria Grace Scelfo, Michigan, USA  November 2012


Honey and Oatmeal Soap

"I have been using the Honey & Oatmeal soap and I love it!  My skin feels great and it smells great too.  I'm excited to try the other soaps but I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on the Honey & Oatmeal...we're going to have to order more! "

Scott Keyes, Auburn, Michigan, USA





We used some of your soaps, and we wanted to tell you what a difference they actually made.

Soap from the store dries my skin out terribly,  but we used the honey and oats bar for shower soap and we love it. Ive actually used the lemon bar as shave soap with a brush and have noticed more enjoyable shaves.


Michael and Krista, Bay City, USA.