Beautiful hand crafted Olive Oil based soap. These soaps are made with blended oils, including Coconut and Olive, and made from only the finest ingredients. Each slice looks and smells wonderful as well as being a range of soaps that are great for the skin.

Olive Oil soaps were one of the first vegetable soaps that man ever made. These are hand made using the age old traditional cold process making method.

Soaps made with vegetable oils have many beneficial properties for skin. The best news of all is that they are also SLS and paraben free.

The natural fat provides protection, improves skin tone, softness and youth of skin through restructuring oil action.  See details of each individual soap for its own  special properties relating to essential oils and other natural ingredients in them. 

Beautiful, aromatic and GREAT for the skin ! 

 After unmoulding these soaps are hand cut then air dried and turned EVERY DAY for SIX WEEKS.  A labour of love - but the end result is well worth it.


We list all our ingredients for each soap on their individual page.While these look scary, most of them are everyday ingredients but the law dictates they are listed with their scientific Latin names. For instance - you may see Amyl Cinnamal listed - looks scary huh? - but this occurs naturally in plants. It is used as a perfume ingredient and it has a floral scent reminiscent of jasmine. Frequently you will see Linalool this also is a naturally occuring ingredient- found in many flower and spice plants it has a pleasant scent (floral, with a touch of spiciness). Similarly Geraniol frequently appears - this is a plant oil,  the primary part of rose oil, and citronella oil.  It also occurs naturally in Geraniums and lemons.


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