Have a truly mESMeRICK Christmas with our eco-friendly, plastic free, Vegan friendly Santa Pants, stuffed full of especially created Christmas goodies. These lovely Santa bags are carefully made from Jute and Cotton, in traditional Christmas colours. Santa’s braces form the handles, and the great thing about these bags are – they are completely REUSABLE! 
So - what mESMeRICK goodies are lurking within?
Specially created for Christmas – a bar of Ginger Solid Shampoo. This bar has a warm, spicy fragrance that is energizing, completely natural, ginger is proven to help blood circulation for faster-growing hair.

This special purifying and repairing formula has been designed using one of nature's most versatile plants to clean and protect your hair and scalp, leaving you with a zingy astringent sensation to invigorate your senses.
Also included is a Glycerine based aromatherapy soap a GIANT bar of Ginger and Clove soap, fragranced with pure essential oils for a stunning natural fragrance.
Completing our handmade SLS and Paraben free soap trio is our most popular Christmas soap EVER - our feast for the senses Cinnamon and Orange Olive Oil based soap, made with Oil of Orange and orange peel and with generous helpings of cinnamon this soap will fill the air and your senses with the aroma of Christmas.
PLUS!! You cam keep your skin feeling radiant even in the cold weather with our Pumice backed wooden brush – ideal for the bath or shower! All year round our skin needs exfoliating but especially in the winter, when our skin is the driest and with this brush you can get that clean luxurious feeling and keep your skin feeling soft to the touch.
Our Hemu Wood Corrugated Soap Dish will keep your natural handmade soaps well drained between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer. No one likes it when their soap goes soft and breaks up. This wooden soap dish allows air to flow around the soap to help it dry out between uses. 
It is made from hemu wood which is a sustainable wood obtained from Guger Tree in India.
We complete our gift package with an eco-friendly 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. These bristles are made from Castor Oil Plants which means it’s not just the handle that’s biodegradable – the entire brush is!
A complete package ready wrapped, all you need to do is work out how many you need!

Each Santa Bag - £30

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