Everyone loves a candle !

We have a range of tealight holders and candles to suit all tastes.

Why are people drawn to candles ?

They’re comforting.

Nothing will ever replace the soft glow of a candle in a dark space. There’s no feeling in the world more comforting than a soft light that illuminates an entire room.

A candle is like a supportive friend in the corner who doesn’t need to speak but you know is there. It’s the blanket you no longer sleep with and the night light you no longer need. There’s no concrete explanation as to why candles are so comforting; it’s just a feeling they evoke.

They add ambiance.

It’s all about the ambiance . Who wants to sit in a space, choking under fluorescent lighting, when it could be replaced by the flickering, soft glow of a few candles?

Atmosphere is everything, and we are born with a natural instinct to create a pleasant one. There’s no reason to turn on seven lights when you could resort to one or two, complemented by the additional glow of a few candles. Not to mention, the container hosting a candle is part of the charm.

They smell like home.

Scent is one of the strongest senses linked to nostalgia. We can make ourselves believe we are in the middle of a crisp autumn afternoon, or that we are sitting in our mother’s kitchen with gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. Scent is as powerful as a song or a heavy dose of déjà vu, which is linked to memories, feelings and a past time you long for.


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