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We are a small, independent hand moade soap and solid shampoo business based in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We began creating our own SLS and PARABEN FREE products in 2011 and  only use the very best of ingredients, such as Olive Oil and Argan Oil . We  NEVER use Palm OIl and ensure all our ingredients are ethically sourced. To simplify your shopping experience by categorising our soaps into distinct categories - Olive Oil based products, Glycerine based products, Goats Milk Products, Swirled Sensations soaps and Solid Shampoo Bars.

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Beautiful hand crafted Olive Oil based soap. These soaps are made with blended oils, including Coconut and Olive, and made from only the finest ingredients. Each slice looks and smells wonderful as well as being a range of soaps that are great for the skin.

Olive Oil soaps were one of the first vegetable soaps that man ever made. These are hand made using the age old traditional cold process making method. WE DO NOT USE PALM OIL IN OUR SOAPS>

Soaps made with vegetable oils have many beneficial properties for skin. The best news of all is that they are also SLS and paraben free.

The natural fat provides protection, improves skin tone, softness and youth of skin through restructuring oil action.  See details of each individual soap for its own  special properties relating to essential oils and other natural ingredients in them. 

Beautiful, aromatic and GREAT for the skin ! 

 After unmoulding these soaps are hand cut then air dried and turned EVERY DAY for SIX WEEKS.  A labour of love - but the end result is well worth it.



Our Glycerine based range has proved popular for many years and now forms part of our permanant stock.

Each bar is made for a different sensual experience and they are generously fragranced as well as beautifully coloured using natural plant extracts.

All our bars are SLS FREE and these bars give beautifully soft creamy lather without the need for harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulphates. PARABEN FREE too ! Glycerine is a humectant, which means is draws moisture form the air and keeps the skin moisturised throughout the day. Each bar is long lasting and bursting with natural botanicals !

Do your skin a favour and try a couple of our new fragrances today.



All our tests have shown that for  dry skin, irritated and inflamed skin, and for frequently washed skin GOAT'S MILK SOAP works wonders. See more about this soap under our HOME tab.

Milk has long been known for it's moisturizing properties and is an ancient beauty treatment. Milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids which break down dead skin cells and is well known for softening skin and leaving it rejuvenated for a younger appearance.

Even acne sufferers report benefits from using Goats Milk Soap.

People who suffer from skin allergies, winter itches, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin are frequent users of our goat's milk soap.

While we can't tell you it will heal or help these conditions, we can tell you it will not further exacerbate them.

Our soap has proved particularly effective in the theatre dressing room, after removing make-up. Its gentle cleansing and non drying action is particularly welcomed by those thespians seeking a softer cleansed skin.

Pure white, unfragranced and uncoloured. Our market research and testing has proved that our soap is 100% effective.



Solid Shampoo - the bar you take into the shower to wash your hair... 

 These solid, long lasting shampoo bars can be used frequently without any drying effects.  Its simplicity itself to use these solid bars, first get your hair really wet.  Then, make a few passes with the bar until you get a rich lather.  Massage into your scalp and leave for a few minutes before rinsing out.  It is that simple and because our shampoos do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, they don’t strip away any of the natural oils from your own hair and can be used without a conditioner. But don't stop there...our shampoo bars can also be used as soaps for face and body - making them a single product for the shower instead of all those different bottles.....no more spilled or leaking bottles in the suitcase either - GREAT for weekends away or for that sunshine break. Now available in a variety of colours and fragrances.Argan oil is often used as a hair treatment. It is extremely beneficial for hair and scalp, and is commonly used as a conditioner.

Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for hair, and is found in argan oil in high quantities. Vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants, which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair – it has even been used for hair regrowth. Argan oil has a number of benefits when used on hair. It can act as a moisturiser for the scalp to fight dandruff and dry scalp. It can also promote the growth of healthy, strong hair as opposed to thin, brittle hair. It can even undo some of the damage done through chemical treatments and dyes, and can be used to treat split ends. Immediate benefits can also be seen in people who use argan oil on their hair. It is an excellent agent for taming frizz and promoting shine and gloss, as well as softer, more manageable hair.

Argan oil is non-irritating and actually reverses much of the damage done by artificial chemicals and treatments on hair. It is often used in its pure form for healthy, soft and shiny hair. Below are a few of the best ways to use argan oil on hair. Argan oil is often used as a key ingredient in shampoos due to its ability to restore softness, strength and shine to hair. It is an ideal ingredient to search for in a shampoo for anyone suffering from dry, brittle hair or hair damaged by chemicals and coloring. The benefit of using argan oil as an ingredient in shampoo is that you can apply it just as a normal shampoo without adding an extra step in your routine or worrying about using the correct quantity of argan oil. It is the ideal method for ensuring strong, nourished hair with an improved appearance on a day-to-day basis.



Irresistibly fascinating - the swirled sensations of our new range of SLS and PARABEN FREE soaps.

Lockdown has given us time to think, and experiment, and the results are our new senasational soaps, all swooshed and swirled and every one bursting wit fragrance and creamy lather.

Tropical Mango, Amaretto, Citrus Twist, Sea Spray and Zesty Orange & Ginger mean there is a fragrance for everyone to choose from. We have now added Oceania and Jasmine and Green Tea varieties.

Try one, or two or all of them !




Made with Olive Oil and the added luxury of pure Avocado Oil.


Enriched with the addition of Avocado Oil this soap is so luxuriously rich in moisturising lather it can be used as a shaving soap. Equally fine as a face soap these beautifully created soaps would look great in any bathroom or shower room.

Infused Ice - cool blue

Ruby Grapefruit - zingy red

Woodland - passionate purple

Berry Burst - Pretty in pink





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